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NewPropGlopAdPic.jpgNEW! APPLY UNDER WATER! PROP GLOP is a revolutionary solution for marine growth on your running gear and its custom applicator's heavy-duty plastic construction makes it easy to apply underwater. PROP GLOP(tm) is a blended anti-fouling material with anti-fouling inhibitors and underwater adhesives designed to augment and extend the life of your regular anti-fouling coverage until your boat can be hauled - even if you have to miss an entire hauling season due to a troubled economy. This product virtually eliminates that ball of barnacles, including the many forms of juvenoid barnacle species, that accumulate on boats left in marinas for extended periods of time. One tube will typically cover the prop, shaft, rudder, and tabs of a single screw 35 footer with some left over for touch-ups. Environmentally friendly anti-fouling protection.

Click Here to Get Your FREE Tube! strives to offer the best in the innovative development of fine marine/boating/yachting products such as, the MobyCool Executive A/C Conversion Hood, the MobyCool Large A/C Conversion Hood, the MobyCool Deluxe Air conditioning Hood, the Moby Cool Mainship Trawler Ladder Hatch Cover, and the MobyCool Anti-Fouling Propeller Protection Treatment called, Prop Glop. specializes in marine airconditioning hoods, marine airconditioners, barnacle treatments, propeller anti-fouling, and running gear treatment. Boaters can only purchase MobyCool products from, eBay, or the Florida Mariner ,Suothern  Mariner, Lakeland Boating and Licensure .com. is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with major retail centers like Boat U.S., West Marine, Cabela's, or Coleman at this time. Thank you for shopping at where all your boat air conditioning, and underwater anti-fouling treatments can be found.

We are pleased to refer customers to Janice 142 to see her installation. She is a full time trawler live-a board with years of experience in a boat she must rely on. To see her notes on a Moby-Cool hood installation go to Thank you Janice for being such a dedicated boater and a happy Moby-Cool customer.

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